Once upon a time in a land far far away lived a girl named Petite Chinoise.

She lived in an enchanted forest full of fairies, peaches and eyes. In this forest, Petite made sounds and silences with words. These entities depict her’s comings and goings of her short existence, some are sorrowful – cute – surreal – vague.

Petite’s melodies have been influenced by twentieth-century western genres such as classical, jazz and pop. In her cave where she arranges her tunes, she listens to artists like Astrid Gilberto, Corinne Bailey Rae and Debussy.

Petite Chinoise wrote her first two-page piece of piano music during her tumultuous teenage years and continues to hone her songwriting skills to this day. She conceived her first EP in 2014, composed music to Tales of Morgana – a theatrical performance and is currently writing and recording her second EP this year.


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